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The story of Catemac-Coffee begins in 2012 when I met some coffee farmers in Santa Marta.
The goal was to produce a real rainforest coffee, with its very own flavor.

The Los Tuxtlas region was completely undiscovered as a coffee-growing area until then.
In the smallest rainforest in North America, we found altitudes of 1100 m for highland coffee, as well as lower growth areas of 700 m.
Thanks to countless volcanoes and dense rainforests around Catemaco Lake, our coffee can grow in the shade. 

For the perfect taste, we work out an optimal balance of body, elegant acidity, and bitterness during roasting


Our best-selling coffee, optimal balance of body, bitterness, and elegant acidity

- medium roasted-

Automatic / filter stove pot / French press

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April 6, 2020 – Most of CCP customers buy at retail locations and in small quantities.  To address the stay at home guidelines and the lack of inventory at some stores, all orders will ship for free with no minimum order requirement.

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Customers who order $30.00 or more of your Catemaco-Coffee (not including shipping costs) shall continue to receive free UPS Ground shipping within the continental United States. CCP vacuum seals every bag of coffee within an hour after roasting to maintain freshness. Those customers that choose to increase the size of their order to take advantage of the free shipping should feel confident that their coffee will remain fresh for up to one year.
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For questions or comments, please contact us under : info@catemaco-coffee.com

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Every single bean we source is roasted, blended, packaged and fresh from our roastery in the small shaman town of Catemaco Mexico. Our home grown coffee is hand roasted in two very old, but very good, hand operated Probat roasters, and all of our blends are done after roasting.
Made whit passion
Our Story

We are always surprised that what started as a small idea from Katarina who came to Mexico from Germany 8 years ago has developed into the company it is today.

Rainforest Coffee

Product by locals, with fair conditions