Our Story

The story of Catemac-Coffee begins in 2012, when I got to know some coffee farmers in the Sierra Santa Marta.

The region of Los Tuxtlas was previously largely unknown as a coffee growing area.

In the smallest rainforest in North America, on the Mexican Gulf coast in the state of Veracruz, we have altitudes of 1,100 m, so real highland coffee, even the lower growing areas have excellent conditions for coffee cultivation, the Catemaco Lake is surrounded by countless volcanoes, dense rainforest, where the coffee in the partial shade
ripen in the semi-shade.

The situation was difficult, the many small individual farms simply lacked 1. Access to the distribution channels, 2. The necessary funds to pay for the necessary machinery.

And that's where our work began, to create the conditions for a professional production
for a professional production, to achieve a sensibility for the quality assurance.

The goal was to produce our coffee in export quality.

We succeeded in this, for the export of our first container to Germany we worked very hard .....

It was soon clear that we would have to offer the same quality for the local and national market.
Market for us, there are no coffee lovers of the 1st or 2nd class.
Lovers 1st or 2nd class.

Each of our aroma bags contains 100% export quality.

Our credo is that each coffee has its own character, as we humans do.

When roasting, we work out an optimal balance of body, elegant acidity and very important, the bitter substances.